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Разработчик GLIDER associates, INC.

【Connect with “Products” by people】 “Antenna” is a curation magazine, which you can enjoy picking up and editing articles from more than 130 selected media.
Gourmet/Fashion/Movie/Music/Art/Travel/Beauty/Cosmetics/Electronics/Cars/Cell phone/ColumnYou can create your own curation magazine “Antenna”, by selecting magazines that you are curious on from these various magazines supplied.In addition, you can also create your own original genre from the keyword that you chose.※You can also play this App without registration!
~ The feature of “Antenna”~
■Devastating quality of screen design and maneuverability
Antenna has created the UI, which enables comfortable use in the limited Smart phone screen.The UI is designed by Mr. Hironori Sugie, who took charge of the opening movie of Japanese TV show “NEWS ZERO”
■Connect to the information that you really want smartly.
When you always meet up with something new, isn’t there always “people” in between?Antenna creates a bond between people and products. By using the Follow function you can acquire information smoothly from the person who has a close sense with you, or person who you are in mind.
Detail of the function・Clip : You can Clip(save) articles that you liked. You can clip articles from the clip button on the right-top of the article. Your followers can see the articles that you have clipped.・Comment : You can write a comment on the article.・me too! : When you have a sympathy to other people’s comment, you can react by pressing “me too”
■Connect with Social MediasBy connecting to Facebook/Twitter/Evernote, you can save or share articles that you have clipped.You can also see contributions of Facebook and Twitter on Antenna.
As you use Antenna more, more you get sensitive to the world, and your world will expand.Don’t you want to produce the moment where various people and Products meet up?
【PC browser edition】 (You can use the same account with the Andriod edition)
【Official Facebook Page】Our staff will select interesting information/articles from articles in Antenna, and will contribute them on the Facebook page everyday.
【About the supports】Our twitter account (@antenna_jp) delivers various information about Antenna. For example, the usage of the App, updating versions etc… Please have a look at it!【Delivered Media】We are delivering articles from more than 130 selected Media! ※up to 2013/4/4
------------------------AndroWire APPLISOMMELIERART and ARCHITECTURE ReviewART iTAUTOCARAutoc OneBEAMS Begin BestGearCafé glob CarviewCBC-NETcinemacafe.netCinema TodayCONTRASTCREA fashionjp.netFASHION PRESSFestivalLifeFood Stadium For MFor FGizmodoGoodsPressGRINDHellomaghighfashioniPadiPhoneWireIT media digital camera plusITmedia MobileITmedia LifeStylei-VoCEJ-WAVE KalonsnetKOTAKULifehackerListen JapanLunch Journal 【Shibuya & Ebisu】Makoto Style mb! by Mercedes-Benzmeet iMEN’S EXMICOMISSMyLohasMynabi news My SpiritualNikkei Woman Online OPENERS CAROtakuma economic newsOZmallPANCAKE CLUBParGolf Pia-eigaseikatu Plus 81QeticRecommended/Going out/Restaurant ResponseroomieSHIFTShoeCream Shoku @ShinseihinSHOT-BEAUTYSoccer KingSoenSoftonicSpotLightSTYLE4 DesignSweets BanchoTABTABROID The radio diary of SawaakoThe SlickTimeWarpTokyo Headphone MagazineTRAVELHACKTRENDYnet TrendunbarVeritaWhite-screenWoman Apps Magazine
・・・and more------------------------※ordered in ABC order※Antenna has an official contract with these media, for delivering articles and the media information.
【When you use the App】In order to acquire the information, Internet environment is needed. It will be more comfortable if you use this App under Wi-Fi environment.